Train with Tracks

train-with-tracsYour child will delight in playing conductor with this easy-to-make train and track set.

Make It: Give your child three wooden blocks, a wooden spool, and six pieces of wagon-wheel pasta to paint. Cut a chipboard rectangle for the top of the train and two squares for train windows; let your child paint the pieces. Once the chipboard is dry, glue the pieces together as shown. Glue a tuft of cotton to the spool for smoke.

To make the tracks, cut a strip of chipboard a little wider than the length of one mini craft stick. Glue mini craft sticks at short intervals along the strip and top with regular craft sticks. For extra fun, create several sets of tracks for your child to place together.

Bunny Mask 2

bunny_maskUse a paper plate and some craft cupboard bits and pieces to make a cute bunny mask – perfect for Easter!

You will need:

A paper plate, Pink paint, Pink card, White pipe cleaner, Elastic thread, Glue, Black pen


Paint the back of the paper plate pink and leave to dry.

Cut out two eye holes. Snip the pipe cleaner into 3 and twist together in the centre. Glue to the centre of the face.

Cut out a nose from pink card and glue to the centre of the pipe cleaners.

Cut out two ears from the card and glue to the top of the head. Draw on a mouth with black pen.

Make two small holes, one either side of the face. Tie through the elastic thread.

Paper Plate Goldfish Craft

paper_plate_goldfish_craftKids can use this colourful paper plate goldfish craft idea for Chinese New Year or perhaps an Under The Sea theme. It’s a quick and easy craft for a group of younger kids that looks great on display!

You will need:

White plate painted gold color, Orange tissue paper, Glues eye, Wiggle eye, Sticky tape


Cut a triangle from the paper plate.

Stick the triangle to the back of the plate to be the fish’s tail. We weren’t very patient so needed a bit of sticky tape to help it stay!

Cut lots of small semi-circles from the tissue paper and glue to the body of the fish for his scales.

Add a wiggle eye and your fish is ready to swim!

Piggy Bank Out of a Water Bottle

piggy-bank-craft-0314_400x400_15Turn an ordinary item into a cute coin bank with this clever water bottle craft.

You will need:

Empty plastic beverage bottle (the wider the better), Craft knife, Scissors, Colored paper (1 sheet orange, 1 sheet blue), Pencil, Craft glue, Transparent tape, Hole punch, Paintbrush


  • Peel label off clean, empty bottle. Use craft knife to cut a 1 1/2″ x 1/8″ wide slot (for inserting coins) in bottle, about midway between top and bottom.
  • Use scissors to cut a strip of orange paper long enough to wrap around bottle and same width as bottle label. Wrap paper around bottle and use a pencil to trace over slot in bottle. Unwrap paper and cut slot with craft knife.
  • Use scissors to cut out ear and inner-ear templates. Place ear template on orange paper and trace around. Repeat for other ear. Cut out. Place inner-ear template on blue paper and trace around. Repeat. Cut out. Fold ears at tab. Position ears along edge of paper band, about 1″ to each side of slot. Tape tabs to back of paper band. Wrap band with ears around bottle, aligning slots on bottle and paper. Overlap ends of band and tape seam.
  • Trace around bottle cap on orange paper. Cut out and glue to cap. Use hole punch to make 2 blue circles. Glue to bottle cap.
  • For eyes, use hole punch to make 2 circles of either color. Glue them to bottle. Or, cut 2 dime-size circles out of contrasting paper and glue hole-punch circles to them; glue larger circles to bottle.
  • For legs, paint beads and let dry. Glue to “belly” side of bottle.

Ghosty finger puppets

ghost-puppetsCut out simple ghost bodies from the white felt and glue them to the craft sticks.

Leave half of the stick poking out the bottom – this is where you’ll hold your finished finger puppets.

Use your imagination to decorate your puppets with bow ties, eye brows, buttons and hair bows. Use glue to secure them to your ghost.

Allow everything to lay flat to dry, then your ghosty finger puppets will be ready to play!


  • Encourage the kids to put on a puppet show for the family! Get them to hide behind the couch, or create a mini-puppet theatre using a box – decorate inside to create your scene, and cut doors and windows in the sides for your puppets to make their entrances and exits from the stage.
  • Create other non-ghostly characters.

What you need

  • craft paddle pop sticks
  • 2 x googly eyes per finger puppet
  • white felt for ghost bodies PLUS coloured felt for decorating
  • pipe cleaners
  • scraps of wool
  • white craft glue
  • scissors

Easy Origami for Kids: How to Fold a Dog


  1. Take a square of coloured paper (not too thick, as this won’t fold well). Brown, yellow, or white is a good base-colour for a dog.
  2. Fold the paper in half diagonally and then open out.
  3. Fold diagonally in the opposite direction; keeping the fold closed, lay the paper on the table with the tip of the triangle facing downwards. This will be the dog’s mouth.
  4. Fold each of the top two corners of the triangle half way down towards the outside to create ears.
  5. From the point of the dog’s mouth, lift up the top sheet of paper, and fold it up a small amount horizontally.
  6. Roll the same fold up horizontally and smooth down for a second time. This is the dog’s nose.
  7. Use a pen, crayon, or other materials to add eyes, a button nose and a tongue (in the dog’s open mouth).